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A Short Guide to Conspiracy Theories - Best and "Worst" Practices

By Dr. John Stamey - Fenruary 26, 2017

There are times when public figures have chosen to disappear from the public life. When they do, they can sometimes choose to fake their own death. Here are some handy rules to apply in order to determine if there might be a conspiracy behind the "untimely death" of a well-known person.

Do you have the right body?
Make sure you have the right body. Examine photos of the deceased just before and right after death. Do they look like the same person? If not - there might be a conspiracy.

Was the autopsy made public?
If not, that is a huge statement FOR the existence of a conspiracy theory. All autopsy results should be available as a matter of public record. If not, then an investigation into the death of the deceased is still open (another clue of a potential problem).

Extreme secrecy surrounding the death?
Was there very little information made available about the funeral or last rites? Are there no photos of the deceased as they lie in state? If not, then perhaps a funeral has been "faked."

"Rules of the (not-so-friendly) Game"
We have compiled several rules that seem to hold when looking at the untimely death of public figures. Even at least one of these rules found to he holding is indication of potential foul play and/or a potential conspiracy theory.

  • Conspiracy Rule #1
    When someone becomes a liability or a problem, they might not see the light of the next day.
  • Conspiracy Rule #2
    A conspiracy is inversely proportional to the speed in which a death case is closed ny the Coronor's Office.
  • Conspiracu Rule #3
    When the personal effects of a recently deceased and controversal person are reported missing, you can be sure someone did not want them found. That is an important indicator of potential foul play.
  • Conspiracy Rule #4
    The writer of a true crime novel turns up dead in a boat while fishing by themselves, and their spouse is the recipient of a multi-million dollar life insurance policy! (True story - makes you think, doesn't it.)

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