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This Week's Conspiracy Theories - February 23, 2017

ANNA NICOLE SMITH - On Thursday evening, join guest and rado show host Pat Gwinn as he and the panel (Dr. John, Papa Stro Maestro and Dave Atwell) discuss the mysteries surrounding the death of supermodel Anna Nicole Smith.

SATURN'S MOON ENCELADUS - Monday, February 21, NASA/JPL-Caltech, announced that NASA's Cassini mission spacecraft discovered active geysers around the south polar region of Saturn's moonEnceladus. It has been determined the ingredients for life are all present - liquid water, heat, and food (methane).

THREE PLANETS WITH POTENTIAL LIFE ONLY 40 LIGHT YEARS AWAY - Tuesday, February 22, NASA announced TRAPPIST-1 System Has seven Earth-sized rocky planets orbiting it, the three closts to the dwarf star being toohot to hold water, the farthest out too cold to be anything but an icy world. However, the fourth, fifth and sixth planets are in the habitable zone and have given astronomers reason to think they could harbor life - somewhat - as we know it.

NUCLEAR INCIDENT OVER THE ARCTIC - It was recently reported on that the aircraft WC-135 Constant Phoenix, arrived in the UK this weekend and flew out on a mission over the Norwegian and Barents Seas, near Russia's militarized Kola Peninsula. levels of Iodine 131, an important radioisotope of iodine, has been reported over parts of Europe. This isotope is present whenever nuclear events occur. Iodine-131 has a radioactive decay half-life of about eight days, meaning some sort of nuclear event occurred in the Arctic area of Europe within the last several weeks. The WC-135 Constant Phoenix is equipped to "sniff" out levels of trace elements such as Iodine 131. The Independent ( reported European authorities are keeping these increased levels of Iodine 131 under wraps.