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The Casket Match

The Casket Match was first held in Houston, Texas, between Dusty Rhodes and Ivan Koloff. In that match, lasting only seventeen minutes, a bloody Ivan Koloff tried a knee drop off the top rope with Rhodes draped over the coffin. Rhodes rolled out of the way and Koloff injured his knee as he crashed into the edge of the coffin. Dusty Rhodes threw Koloff into the coffin and was declared the winner. CLICK HERE for a video of this famous match between the American Dream Dusty Rhodes and the Russian Bear, Ivan Koloff.

Twelve years later, WWE introduced coffin matches featyring The Undertaker. The object of the match still remained where one opponent attempted to completely conceal the other opponent inside a casket in the middle of the ring.

Based on research, the following list is our current list of casket matches.

Date Event Winner Loser
1980 Houston Wrestling Dusty Rhodes Ivan Koloff
11/24/1992 Survivor Series The Undertaker Kamala
01/22/1994 Royal Rumble Yokozuna The Undertaker
11/23/1994 Survivor Series The Undertaker Yokozuna
07/23/1995 In Your House 2 The Undertaker Kama
08/27/1995 SummerSlam The Undertaker Kama
12/17/1995 In Your House 5 The Undertaker Mabel
05/26/1996 In Your House 8 Goldust The Undertaker
03/16/1997 Madison Square Garden Vader The Undertaker
01/18/1998 Royal Rumble Shawn Michaels The Undertaker
10/19/1998 RAW The Undertaker Kane
05/17/1999 RAW The Undertaker The Rock
09/23/1999 SmackDown Mideon & Viscera Triple H
10/28/2002 RAW Kane Triple H
09/17/2003 NWA:TNA D-Lo Brown Sonny Siaki
01/30/2005 Royal Rumble The Undertaker John Heidenreich
10/09/2005 No Mercy The Ortons The Undertaker
04/02/2006 WrestleMania 22 The Undertaker Mark Henry
03/10/2008 RAW The Undertaker Mark Henry
10/31/2008 SmackDown The Undertaker Chavo Guerrero
11/23/2008 Survivor Series The Undertaker The Big Show
12/05/2010 Final Resolution Abyss D'Angelo Dinero
02/13/2014 Impact Wrestling (Manchester, UK) Mr. Anderson Bully Ray
01/29/2015 Smackdown Daniel Brown Kane
10/29/2016 American Pro Wrestling Bret Watson Unknown